About us

"Donel – Exclusive Flowerpots" company  is a Polish manufacturer of flowerpots.

Flowerpots are made from special precious resin (made of polyester-glass laminate) with great care, and the external surface is glossy. The materials used for their production guarantee high quality of the product and resistance to external factors (eg. solar UV radiation, snow, water). Flowerpots do not have any additional inserts, so one can put inside a large lump of roots. 

With the interior trim it is important to prepare a good project, which will take into account the green space in your surrounding. Exclusive large flowerpots, also the once with backlight, will provide the opportunity to create on a small area ​​interesting plant compositions, allowing to vary the space and create the right atmosphere and character. During the design and arrangement of the green zone of our interior space or a garden, it is important not to miss the balcony or terrace. The ideal complement to terraces and balconies are modern flowerpots that give character of the arranged space. The use of large flowerpots allows you to plant unusual plants, eg. flowers, shrubs or exotic small trees.